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AFGC DIRECTORY       2023-2025

AFGC Officers

President - Pam Ellis
1st Vice President/Membership Chair/Life Members - Nancy Rana
2nd Vice President/Special Projects - Ann York
Secretary - Kathy Phillips
Treasurer/Budget & Finance Committee - Sherrie Eoff
Historian - Rosie Huddleston
Parliamentarian - Sandra Bradberry

District Directors
Northeast District - Hallie Orr
Northwest District - Deborah Williams

Pulaski District - Anita Mounger
Southeast District - Joanne Hopper
Southwest District - Terri Waterman

Members-at-Large  - Rose Knight, Nancy Voyles, Nancy Rana
Arkansas Judges Council President - Phyllis Byrum

Advisory Council - , President
Awards - Melissa Dean

Blue Star Memorial - Phyllis Byrum
Budget and Finance - Sherrie Eoff
Circle of Roses - Conie Reamey
Flower Show Chairman (2023) - Teresa Shannon
Flower Show Consultant - Jo Krallman
Flower Show Judges Credentials - Nancy Voyles

Flower Show School Chairman - Rose Knight
Flower Show School Student Creditial - Rose Knight
Garden Clubs Council Consultant - Terri Waterman
Gardening Schools  (Garden Study,Landscape Design, Environmental) - Terri Waterman
Horticulture - Jean Moser
Life Membership - Nancy Rana

Penny Pines - Tracey Bonds
Recycle - Sherrie Eoff
Membership - Nancy Rana
Personnel Chairman - Nancy Rana
Committee Includes District Directors
Photography - Dennis Ellis
Protocol - Sandra Bradberry
Scholarship Chairman - Liz Howell
Special Projects - Ann York
Ways & Means Member Services - Joann Hopper
Website Chairman - Nancy McGraw, contact:

Youth Projects & Activities

1.  Birds - Sandra Bradberry
2.  Junior/Intermediate/High School Activities:
Recycle Sculpture/Poetry - Susan Moore
Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl - Terri Waterman

Nancy Rana, Chairman, term ends 2027
Rose Knight, term ends 2025
Deborah Williams, term ends 2023



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Contact information for AFGC Officers and District Directors may be found in the directory of each President's Packet, distributed in August at the Mid-Year Board Meeting.

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