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 Mid year meeting speaker, Alex Kent,  Tuesday, August 13th , 2024     

Alex Kent           'images


Alex Kent's passion for photography began well over two decades ago. His photographic interests are broad ranging from travel, adventure, and nature to architecture, abstract, and portraiture. With over 18 years of professional teaching experience across a broad range of demographics and topics, he brings an approachable methodology to his presentations. Alex currently serves as President of the Arkansas Outdoor Photographer's Club (AOPC) and works as a commercial photographer, educator, public speaker, and photo guide. You can view his work and more at



Point, Shoot, Wow! - Simple Steps Toward Better Photos


Regardless of camera choice you can learn to take more interesting and impactful photos with a few helpful techniques. Don't worry if you feel like you "don't have the eye." or are "not a technical person" Both of those skills can be simplified, learned and practiced to become better at photography. In this presentation, we'll discuss light, camera settings, composition, and more. All skill levels and camera types (including smartphones) are welcome.

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